Become a Master of the Weekend Getaway

The idea for this blog came to me on Alaska Flight 540 heading to Los Angeles from Portland, OR. I left work an hour early and caught an evening flight south for a little under 48 hours in the Golden State.

As the city lights below grew brighter, I realized I have a wealth of information to share about quick trips, so I started jotting down my thoughts haphazardly before I forgot anything. See, I’ve become a master of the weekend getaway. Often I’ll finish the work week and head out-of-town, telling my co-workers, “I’ll be back on Monday!”

They’re surprised I can fit a vacation into two days. But really, with the proper planning, it’s quite manageable. I’ve been to Olympic National Park in Washington State; Ketchum, ID; and Disneyland all over a weekend.

Come along, let me share my travel knowledge, so you too can be a master of the weekend getaway. I’ll give you my tips for a successful weekend away and journal entries from my own adventures.  

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