9 things to leave at home on a Two-Day Getaway

A Two-Day Getaway is, by definition, short. This means that you don’t need to pack all the items you’re used to packing. Plus, packing less has many advantages. Your luggage will be lighter and you can stick to a carry-on size, which makes navigating the airport more efficient. There’s also less items to keep track of and make sure they all return home with you.

Here are 9 items you should considering leaving at home on you’re next two-day getaway.


  • Laptop. Leaving your laptop at home could feel like temporarily losing a limb, but let’s think through this together. A laptop adds extra weight and bulk to your luggage and is difficult to deal with in airport security. Realistically how much time are you going to be on your laptop anyway? I’d guess for most of your computer needs you could use a smartphone or smaller tablet. Personally, I think ahead about the trip and consider what I’ll need a laptop for. On a majority of my trips I decide that I won’t need it and I leave it at home. I can always check email and social media on my phone.
  • Chargers. Take a look at the electronics you’ll be taking. Chances are you don’t need to bring chargers for all those devices. Simply charge everything before you leave, so they’ll last all weekend. For example, my bluetooth headphones and DSLR camera will easily last an entire weekend on a full charge.


  • Shampoo. Shampoo and conditioner are more trouble than they’re worth on a short trip. The bottles take up too much space and there’s a chance they’ll explode in transit. I mean, how many showers are you really going to take on a weekend trip? Using the provided hotel shampoo for the weekend won’t damage your hair forever, I swear.
  • Hair dryer. Usually hotels provide a hair dryer, so plan on using that and you’ll save a good amount of space in your bag. Like the shampoo, you probably won’t use it that many times anyway.
  • Razor. This one was a hard one for me to let go of. But in reality, I never really use a razor while on my weekend getaways. So now, I just make sure my legs are smooth before I leave for the trip. My toiletry bag is pretty small, so I’m all for ditching items I won’t need.


  • That extra pair of shoes. I used to pack too many shoes. At the end of the trip, I realized that I didn’t wear all the shoes I’d packed and I was just carrying extra weight. So I decided to spend more time thinking through exactly what shoes I’ll need. Typically I bring a pair of athletic shoes and a more comfortable pair of shoes, maybe a fancier pair if the trip calls for them.
  • Extra Accessories. It’s easy to pack a scarf for each outfit or two different hats, but you don’t need multiple scarves for a weekend vacation. Pick accessories that match with multiple outfits. It’ll save you packing space and time getting ready on your short getaway.


  • Credit/membership cards you won’t use. There’s two advantages to leaving cards you won’t need on your trip at home. You’re wallet will be lighter and if you accidentally get separated from your wallet, there’s less cards to cancel and replace.
  • Books – On a weekend away, I usually don’t have much time to read. So for reading materials I bring magazines I’ve saved over the weeks. Typically I read a magazine on the plane. My rule is once I’m finished with it, I leave the magazine on the plane. I don’t need it anymore, it’s one less item in my bag, and maybe the next person in my seat will enjoy reading it as well. If you absolutely need pages from a guidebook either rip-out or copy the pages you’ll need.

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