Do THIS to survive a group trip

I recently spent the weekend at a beach house on the Oregon Coast in Lincoln City with 14 other people and 3 dogs. You might be thinking, “You’re crazy! That’s too many people in one place.” And you may be right, but I did one thing that kept me sane.

I took time for myself each day.

The house we rented, known as the “SandeCastle” was absolutely adorable. It’s a light blue-grey, coastal-inspired victorian house with wood accents, a berry-colored door, and white trim all around. And if the looks weren’t enough, it actually comfortably sleeps 16 people.

I slept in the loft, sharing the space with two other girls, but each of us had our own bed, so it didn’t feel cramped. Each bed in the loft also had curtains around it, which added a note of privacy in a shared space.

Through the first night and into the morning, we subconsciously split into groups: some worked on a puzzle in the breakfast nook, others became pool sharks in the billiard room, and others were down on the sand, playing in the waves.

Although we were a group of 15, we did most of our activities in smaller groups. It wasn’t planned, but it definitely made the group more manageable.

I sound like I’m complaining. I’m not! Honest. I had a fabulous weekend with this crew, but this is also the largest group I’ve ever taken a trip with, so it took some adjustment. For example, instead of making breakfast all at once and serving people at the same time, we filled people’s plates with french toast as it was done, otherwise the first batch would be cold by the time we’d finished cooking the last.

It rained midday on Saturday, which forced all of us inside. But as soon as the sun came out, I changed into athletic clothes and queued up the album “EVERYTHING IS LOVE” by The Carters on my phone and headed down to the sand for a run.

It was my first time running on the beach and I loved it! I found the sweet spot to run between the dry, loose sand and the waves, where the sand was stiff enough to handle the impact of a runner. I also loved walking through the waves as a cool down after my run.

Even though I was surrounded by other beachgoers during my run, I was in the zone and it felt like I was in my own space. The run allowed me to reset and feel rejuvenated on the trip. Just an hour of doing my own thing made a world of difference. I was ready to get back to the group for more games and laughs.

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